CINIHIRE-Hiring Applications

Cinihire is the only and the largest film community social networking platform for users to start their film career.

The intelligent social networking platform allows aspiring talent to connect with the cine jobs. The dynamic platform boosts the users chances to getting hired for their desired role. Cinihire is a digital ecosystem that allows users to post content, reach jobs, post images, videos and most importantly be seen for their talent.

 DOGEMO- Multi Vendor E-commerce


Dogemo connects shoppers directly to a wide array of home products , so shoppers can find affordable goods.Dogemo is an online e commerce platform that facilitates a rendezvous shopping experience to the buyer. Dogemo enables more personalised engagement, better omnichannel buying experiences, and lasting loyalty. Dogemo conceptualises mainly on enhancing the customer experience with state of the art loyalty programme integrated into the platform..



Rapidzs is a digital platform where logistics becomes open sourced. The ideology behind Rapidzs being any person can be a delivery medium and partner. Rapidzs is an intelligent system that connects users with the need to transport any goods of any size with the delivery partners who wish to travel on the same route required by the user. Simply put is transportation resources shared and put into a digital platform.


Octopus application connects traders, consumers and any other end user with truck load delivery services. Their efficient platform allows efficient and seamless transfer of goods and bulk packages from one location to many or vice versa. When the client visited us they just had the vision to create such a platform and confidence to change to market with their approach. We understood their requirements and came up with OCTOPUS.


Taresh is peer to peer logistics solutions aimed towards the trader community and enabling them to have easy access to their customers via this digital portal. Taresh is an intelligent system that resolves host of pain areas experienced by users and traders in remote areas.


MyGate is a mobile-based intelligent security application to enhance the management of gated communities. It’s a digital platform that allows the smooth operation of housing societies and gated communities.

Bet Battles- Fantasy Sports Applications

The online betting industry is surging at a rapid pace as we speak. Bet battles lets users choose and predict on football matches and their outcomes. The users can choose from a set of predictions for any particular football match. Post that the users shall match their predictions with the live game and shall win points in respect to their predictions. Users win gold coins in the game which later is utilised to make in app purchases say for e.g avatars,chatpacks, stickers and etc. The whole point of the game is to give users an excitement edge in the application while following real life football.

Network Recharge – MLM Applications

With an estimated 230 million smartphone users in India, improved internet speed and declining handset prices, mobiles have become the primary devices shaping our daily lives by changing how customers search, purchase and pay for goods and services. Riding the smartphone growth wave and favorable regulatory environment , online payments have gone up significantly pushing the economy into less-cash and transparent state. Network recharge application is an online wallet used among friends or know associates of the users to receive and send money among each other. Users have the advantage to register themselves and refer friends to join the reward network ecosystem. Based on the number of referrals users are categorised with special accounts with extraordinary benefits. The best part being the user shall always receive benefits on the way his referrals below him start creating their own referrals and the network grows as we speak. Every person in the network shall be entitled to rewards based on the network he/she sits upon.


Any News Application is a news app that selects the latest and best news from multiple national and international sources and summarises them to present in a short and crisp format, personalized for users, in multiple languages. Whether it’s the latest government policies or shake ups in Bollywood, users get them covered and delivered super fast.


Kamal application is a multifaceted enterprise application that connects farm owners with farm workers. The application is something above a simple job portal, where farm workers are connected with jobs via an agent approach system, which further works as an enterprise revenue model for the agents. A salesforce and CRM integrated application to help the stakeholders to govern the whole ecosystem of the digital platform. The main outstanding parameter of the platform being the the business automation capability of the digital porta



APPLICATION is a first of its kind groundbreaking multi ecommerce portal entering and disrupting the African markets. The application is aimed at aggregating the restaurant and food outlets and at the same time allowing users to book tables for an inhouse dining experience. The digital portal in itself is an enterprise level application equipped, with a scalable framework which can be utilised for the stakeholders to expand across the continent and govern the economics and operations of business.

Its market disrupting real time tracking and route management feature is a top notch algorithm that optimises delivery time and cost for the stakeholders resulting in higher productivity for the business.

Its state of the art Admin control with hierarchy management allows the stakeholders to delegate operational duties to personnel and set up key performance indicators and the same. The KPI framework integrated into the portal enables a thorough insight and overview of the business expansion plan for the stakeholders.


Champions of Choice is a first of its kind fantasy cricket platform that simplifies the current conundrum faced by fantasy gamers in choosing the right team players. COC is the only platform in India that allows users to choose a predefined team formulated by experts. It simply eases the cumbersome process of selecting every player. 

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